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Young Rembrandts Drawing Camps:

Our innovative, step-by-step curriculum and engaging subject matter will show your child that drawing can be fun and interesting! During our classes, we teach skills that will help them grow, develop and excel while your child creates memories that will last a lifetime. Your child will enjoy ALL NEW LESSONS each week! All camps will be held at the Gauntlett Community Center in Newtown Square. Please bring a snack and drink each day. Please contact MN Recreation at 610-353-2326 or www.mnrecreation.org for additional information or to register. Register for both AM and PM Sessions and lunch time care (12pm-1pm) is included. Must provide own lunch.

Session Prices:                                                  AM Half Day  9:00am - 12:00pm   $185            PM Half Day  1:00pm - 4:00pm     $185          Full Day         9:00am - 4:00pm     $290

Session 1: June 26 - June 30                       AM Session - Drawing Workshop 2017 - Fashions, Faces & Flowers AGES 5-10        For fashionistas, florists and budding makeup artists, this Young Rembrandts’ workshop celebrates the beautiful world of girls. Every day students will be challenged and delighted drawing images that exude femininity and loveliness. Students will draw and color faces, stretch their imaginations illustrating whimsical flowers and challenge their creativity when tying them all together in fanciful settings. Prepare for elegance and a heap of drawing excellence! Enroll your child today!

PM Session - Drawing Workshop 2017 - Favorite Apps & Video Games AGES 5-10  Art is all around us, including on phones and online! Join Young Rembrandts for a workshop mimicking the amazing imagery of our Favorite Apps and Video Games! Every day students will learn new illustration and coloring techniques inspired by popular video games. Artwork is inspired by pixel block characters, plants, zombies and many more classic apps and games. If your child loves to game or draw, they’ll have a blast putting their own personal touches on some of these favorites! Register your special gaming artist today!

Session 2: July 24 - July 28                   AM Session - Junior Down on the Farm & Transportation Workshop AGES 4-6        First, we will explore a farm and all the elements that are seen on a farm, including a barn and a tractor, among others. In addition, we will learn to draw a variety of animals that live and play on our farm. Then, you will get a chance to learn and draw all the different modes of transportation we use to get around including cars, trucks, airplanes and helicopters. We will complete our last day with one large scene including as many roads, bridges and vehicles as we can draw. Maybe a farm will pop up in the drawing as well! Pencils, color pencils and markers will be used.

PM Session - Animal Cartoon Workshop AGES 4-6                                                                           Laugh-out-loud-funny! Mind-bendingly-adorable! Awesome-beyond-belief! These are just some of the words that best describe our Cartoon Animals Workshop. If your child is a fan of cuddly animals and funny cartoons, this drawing workshop is especially tailored for his or her needs. Over the course of five days, our students will learn how to draw animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They will learn how to personify ordinary animals, transforming them into fully-realized cartoon characters. Be a part of the something fun and special. Enroll your budding artist today.



Session 3: Aug. 14 - Aug. 18                     AM Session - Pirate Workshop AGES 5 - 10   Ahoy mates! Join us as we explore the world of pirates with new drawing adventures! Pirates, treasure maps, sunken treasures, parrots, a grand pirate ship and more will inspire us as we draw, using cartoon and realistic drawing techniques. Kids love drawing our playful, expressive characters and will complete several drawings each day using the unique Young Rembrandts drawing method. They will show you all they have learned over the week when they complete one large scene on the final day. Get ready for pirate fun and enroll today! All materials provided and include pencils, color pencils, Sharpies™ and markers.

PM Session - Cartooning Under the Sea Workshop AGES 5-10                                   What a great opportunity to draw original Young Rembrandts’ fish characters! Our fish characters will consist of sharks, jelly fish, octopus and others. We will give our fish character’s expressions and will place them in fun, action scenes. On our final day, we will draw a large scene of the coral reef environment, inviting a great opportunity to use a variety of colors and textures. Our creative juices will flow as we develop new and fun characters! Pencils, markers and Sharpies™ will be used.





DON'T DELAY!!!    You could make the difference whether or not a program happens. REGISTER TODAY!